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Game Instructions


The object of Break Ball is to work your way through as many levels as you can, by smashing the colored bricks at the far end of the room. This is achieved by bouncing a ball back and forward with your paddle (controled by your mouse) and by hitting these bricks with the ball. You have a limited number of balls, and you lose one each time you allow a ball to escape past your paddle (in towards your screen). When you run out, your game is over. However, you can earn new balls by completing levels. This game is very easy to pick up and play, but as you progress through the levels, it becomes more and more chalenging.

Ball Control

The key to playing well, is to learn how to control the angle of the ball as it bounces off your paddle. The angle at which the ball bounces off your paddle, depends upon the position ball relative to the center of the paddle during the impact. Your paddle itself is actually simulating a concave surface (relative to the viewer), and this is what enables the player, with a certain amount of practice, to actually control the ball as it bounces off the paddle. After the ball strikes the paddle (and bounces off), a small square will appear on the panel. This indicates where the ball actually hit the paddle, and by observing this and the angle at which the ball bounced off, you can improve your ball control skills.

Tips and Hints

The ball which is currently in play, is the main light source in the room. The real-time lighting isn't just there as eye candy, it helps you to determine the position and velocity of the ball in 3D space.

As the ball comes toward you (after bouncing off the back wall), try to track and follow it with your paddle, rather than waiting until the last moment before attempting to strike it with your paddle. This will decrease the likelihood of the ball getting past your panel.

Some of the levels may contain explosive bricks (the level entitled 'self destruct' is the first example of this). These small red bricks only appear on certanin levels, but you should aim for these first. You can quickly clear a level by hitting these explosive bricks with your ball, as they cause all the other bricks to explode simultaneously.

The wireframe obstacles (or small protruding panels) which appear on later levels can be used to your advantage. Try trapping the ball behind one of these obstacles (between the back wall and the obstacle). The ball will continuosly bounce between the two, until it becomes free, hopefully destroying a few bricks and scoring lots of points for you in the process.


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