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Keyboard Controls
[Up] or W Move Forward
[Down] or S Move Backward
[Left] Turn Left
[Right] Turn Right
[A] Side Step Left
[D] Side Step Right
[Space Bar] Fire Current Weapon
[1-5] Select Weapon
Z Key 'Strafe' Side Step
Escape Key Open Options Menu
Futuristic Arenas © 2006. All Rights Reserved.
Game Running Too Slowly? Set 'Graphics Detail ' To 'Low' in the 'Options Menu'. Or Play The Small Version.
Mouse Controls
"Mouse Look" controls can be turned on and adjusted in the Options Menu. When "Mouse Look" is enabled, you can move the mouse to control your view and aiming direction. You must, however, keep the mouse pointer (white arrow) inside the game window, otherwise the game will pause. You can hold down the right mouse button to move the cursor without adjusting your viewing angle, use this to return the mouse cursor to the center of the window when it nears the edge. Press the left mouse button to fire your weapon, and press the middle mouse button to change your weapon.


Copyright (c) 2006 Ben Librojo. All Rights Reserved.