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Orbital Defense

Game Instructions


The object of Orbital Defense is to protect Earth's satellite network from a relentless alien attack. You must pilot your craft around the scrolling play area, destroying incoming waves of alien ships before they can harm any of Earth's satellites. The game ends when all of these satellites are destroyed, or if all of the player's ships are destroyed.


The radar screen is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will help you to navigate around the play area and enable you to identify threats. The small gray box within the radar indicates the position of your ship, and shows you what you can see on the main screen. Items appearing in the radar can be idetnified by the following color scheme :

Alien Ship
Player Missile
Power Up


Power Ups

As you destroy more and more aliens, power-ups will become available for you to collect. By picking these up you can enhance the capabilities of your ship. Some of the power-ups that might become available to you are detailed below :

Increased Fire Power
Increases the number of projectiles fired with each shot.
Faster Missile Reloads
Decreases the delay between each missile launch.
Ship Repairs
Partially repairs your ship.
Temporary Plasma Torpedos
This weapon does 4x the damage of the standard weapon.
Temporary Flame Thrower
This weapon will quickly destroy even the toughest of alien ships.
Temporary Triple Missiles
Allows you to fire a burst of 3 missiles simultaneously.
Temporary Power Shields
Grants the player temporary invincibility.


Tips and Hints

Satellites can not be harmed by your weapons, but they will be destroyed if you collide with them.

Hold down the <Space Bar> for rapid fire. You can not run out of ammunition, and many aliens will require several hits to destroy.

You should spend a lot of your time looking at the radar, in order to locate alien ships, and to avoid colliding with your own satellites while flying around. Also be sure to look for yellow dots on the radar, since power ups can sometimes appear off screen (particularly after an alien has been destroyed by one of your missiles).

The 'Temporary Power Shields' powerup can be used effectively as an offensive weapon by ramming into alien ships while it is activated. This can be sometimes be more effective than shooting them.


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Copyright (c) 2003 Ben Librojo and PowerUp Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved.