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Your objective in WarZone2, is to destroy as many enemy tanks as you can before they manage to destroy you. Your tank is destroyed (and thus your game is over) when the damage indicator (located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) reaches 100 percent.

Tank Controls


Maneuvering your tank is pretty straightforward, use the arrow keys to steer and drive the tank. Use the 't' and 'e' keys to rotate your gun turret clockwise and counter clockwise respectively. Pressing the 'r' key will cause your gun turret to re-center itself automatically. Use the <space> bar to fire your weapon. Your weapon will automatically reload itself after firing a round. If you are using the 'in tank' view (see below for info on changing your view), your aiming recticle will turn black while you weapon is reloading, and will be white when you are ready to fire.


When you are using the 'in tank' view (see below for details about changing views) you have access to a radar in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This will enable you to locate enemies and navigate around buildings etc.. The radar can be zoomed in and out by pressing 'w 'and 'q' respectively. Items depicted on the radar screen can be identified by the following color scheme :

Enemy Tank
Fired Shell

Camera Views

WarZone2 allows you to play using a variety of different internal and external camera views. You can choose any of the basic external camera views (situated above and behind your tank) by pressing function keys F1-F4 (inclusive). Pressing 'v' will allow you to instantly change between internal and external views, and pressing 'h' will engage the circling helicopter camera mode. The available camera views are summarized in the following table :

Close Range
External view from above and behind your tank at close range.
Medium Range
External view from above and behind your tank at medium range.
Long Range
External view from above and behind your tank at long range.
Extreme Range
External view from above and behind your tank at extreme range.
Toggle internal/external
Change between internal and external tank views.
Circling Helicopter
Activate/deactivate circling helicopter view.

Options Menu

Pressing 'Esc' activates the options menu. This menu allows you to adjust display preferences, as well as toggling the sound on and off. Decreasing display/graphic details will allow you to speed up the game for use on slower machines. It is recommended that you decrease display settings only if you are experiencing slow frame rates. After pressing 'Esc' to activate the menu, follow the on screen instructions, and then press 'Esc' again, to return to the game.

Tips and Hints

External views allow you to see more of the surrounding area, while the internal view gives you access to a radar. Pressing 'v' allows you to quickly change between internal and external views, and it is a good idea to use this to quickly check your radar from time to time if you prefer to play using the external view modes.

There are many buildings and trees in the area, use them for cover.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly fire a shot behind you, turning both your tank and your turret simultaneously in the same direction will allow you to aim behind yourself much faster.

Make use of your separately rotatable turret. Rotating your turret perpendicular to your tank's direction will enable you to fire at targets while 'side stepping' their return fire.

Take your target's movement direction and speed into account when aiming shots at them. Particularly for long range targets, aiming towards their direction of movement will increase your chance of a hit.


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